Complete Guide to fix Mac error code -1407

By | July 9, 2016

Mac error code -1407 occurs in a system when a user tries to delete a file and Mac fails to delete it. The most common reason known for this is that a file which is trying to be deleted is somehow locked. The file can be locked by the system itself or the reason for the file to be deleted may be that some other programs have interfered with the file. This is also common that Mac does not specify the locking of file in the error message

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Solution: there are some methods to fix this problem. They are as follows:

Repair The Disk – this method can easily fix your problem error -1407. To repair disk you have to perform the following steps:

  • Start Mac operating System and find the launcher
  • In the window that appears right click the icon of HARD DRIVE.
  • From the options that appear choose the get info option.
  • Next the window of Macintosh should appear
  • In the left side of the window you should get a list of all hard drives connected to your computer.
  • Select the hard disk on which the file is located that you want to delete.
  • On your screen you will be given a option of repair disk permissions.

If the above does not solve your problem, this method will solve your problem Quitting the finder application force fully – This method is also been useful to solve your problem of error -1407

  • Use the buttons of command + options +esc simultaneously
  • A window named FORCE QUIT will appear.
  • There from the names given choose the option named Finder and click the option of FORCE QUIT.
  • After that select the RE-LAUNCH button.
  • When you will try to delete, it should be deleted normally.

Formatting the drive – Make a backup copy of your drive and then erase the drive completely. This method is also proved to be solving the problem of Mac error -1407. Perform the following g steps:

  • Start Mac Select the option of Application then Utilities then disk utilities.
  • A window named Disk Utility Program will appear.
  • From the different tabs present choose the tab – ERASER.
  • On the left hand side you will be given the option of drives.
  • Choose the option of the drive with the problem to format the drive.
  • Here you will be given the option to delete the drive with a different drive format.
  • Select the erase button.
  • Now the files on that drive should not give you the Mac error -1407.

Mac Keeper Software – If the above method does not solve your problem than you can also download a great software Mac Keeper. This software can be easily downloaded over the internet. Mac Keeper is software that can fix all Mac errors. It will completely fix all Mac errors.

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There are some other features of Mac Keeper which are listed below:

  • Mac Keeper software can fix all major errors of Mac.
  • This software can repair damage and corrupt files.
  • This software can fix and prevent a system crash.
  • This software can fix the critical HFS and HFS+ errors.
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