How to Fix Mac Internet Recovery Error 1005f

By | September 30, 2018

Mac device and its operating system are efficient to perform different tasks for its users, but with its efficiency, you can encounter a system error called Internet Recovery Error 1005f.

It is important to remove the error as soon as the error begins to pop-up on your screen to avoid system damage also to ensure safe mode operation.

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Many issues can give rise to this error; issues such as unsuitable internet connection to perform internet recovery, Mac device not installed properly, virus affected files, corrupted system files, issues with back up files, improper configuration of Mac device, damaged hard drives.

Among the causes of this error, using unsuitable internet connection for the internet recovery is the prominent cause of the error 1005f, however, eradication of the Internet Recovery Error 1005f require simple steps of solutions and that is a massive sigh of relief for you.

Solutions to fix Mac internet recovery error 1005f

These solutions should be able to solve the error, but all the solutions may not be applicable to solve the error for your device since there are different causes to the error 1005f. So if solution one does not seem to be the solution then try solution 2, 3 or 4.

Solution 1: Check your internet connection          

Since the issue may arise from using an unsuitable internet connection. So it is imperative to check the internet connection with the instructions below

  • Check the internet connection: Do a thorough check on your internet connection if it is properly connected otherwise, connect properly and re-try the process.
  • And you can make use of the wireless connection for the internet recovery; however, ensure your router is making use of the WPA2 wireless security and not WEP or WAP.

Solution 2: use strong antivirus

You can make use of an effective anti-virus to clear viruses from the device.

Solution 3: Hard reset with disk utility

You can download the installer from the app store with your account on another Mac user’s system and then create a bootable USB drive. Ensure you logout from the app store immediately you download the installer.

Using the bootable USB drive for hard reset

  • Connect the bootable USB drive to your Mac device
  • Select the bootable USB drive as the start up disk
  • Select a language from the pop-up window
  • Go to utilities window
  • Select install Mac OS
  • Click continue
  • Then follow the prompt commands

Retry the internet recovery after the successful completion of this process.

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Mac Internet Recovery Error 1005f can be caused by so many issues, but the common cause of this error is using an unsuitable internet connection for the internet recovery.

Irrespective of the cause there are multiple solutions available to rectify this error, fist is to check the internet connection or change the router to WPA2 wireless security or using a strong anti-virus to clean the device or adopting disk utility method where you have to use a bootable USB disk drive to hard reset the Mac device then the retry the internet recovery.