How to Fix RAR File Corruption in Mac

By | June 23, 2017

Sometimes when you download large packages of files split up into a batch of RAR files you get a situation where the RAR unable to expanded cause of an error. Mainly you can say that RAR files usually contain a repair segment which also contains error checking data. It means user can test an RAR files for corruption and they often able to repair a RAR file that won’t extract. But if any files in batch are incomplete then a repair won’t be possible. If the file is not completed then you can resume the download or you can re-download that file. If all the files are completed but one or more file have errors then you might be repaired. Files which are completed have the same number of bytes except the last file. Here we are talking about some solution which will fix RAR File Corruption in Mac.

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Symptoms of RAR File Corruption in Mac

Sluggish behavior of Mac system

Without any warning the stored Mac file gets damaged Installed

Frequently Mac programs get freezes

After few minutes of working the system will get terminated automatically

An error messages like “unable to find .dmg file shows on your Mac system

“access denied” error message also pops-up on your Mac system

Causes of RAR File Corruption in Mac

User faces interruption while downloading RAR files

When you store RAR files on a damaged storage drive

When you create RAR files improperly

When user downloads RAR files they face

Interruption while downloading RAR files

Extracting RAR file through incompatible applications

Fix RAR Files in Mac

In the Mac X, download RAR for Mac X

Extract the files

Then open Mac X Terminal

Drag the RAR file into the terminal Windows

Type r for repair in Terminal and give a space

Drag the corrupted RAR file into the terminal Windows and click return

You notice the RAR repairing

Building fixed.x.rar



When the repair gets successful, your RAR files error problem will have repaired.

download-mackeeper-nowSize – 0.36MB

Other method

Getting any problem with Mac file system due to catalog file corruption in Mac operating system X then you can face this error code then that case follow these steps and fix your RAR File Corruption

Take a Mac Bootable Flash drive and insert this drive in your Mac system

Restart the PC and click on install Mac Operating system X option

Press C button continuously and accept the license agreement and select your language.

Select the destination drive which has the problem

Click on Macintosh HD in General

Then click on Options icon to select the installation method

Click on Archive to Install and select preserve Users and networking settings if you have to save your personal file folders, networking accounts and user accounts.

Restart your Mac system