How to Remove Mac Error Code 2600

By | July 4, 2017

Mac is a very popular operating system in this time. It is a part of apple computers. It is almost leading software companies. In this period when you used this operating system you have some error. The error code 2600 is one of the common errors in Mac operating system. It has created some issue in your Mac computer like PRAM, BSoD setting; clean your trash folder and many more.  Remove this error as soon possible another way it has create a big issue in your system.

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Symptoms of Mac Error Code 2600

Getting a slow behavior of your Mac operating system

Some stored file or program gets corrupted

Your computer screen is stay for few second

Some file are not found

Downloading failed

Causes of Mac Error Code 2600

Hard disk is full

Some issue in your install program

Some virus attack on your computer and crash your program

PRAM setting is create some issue

Clean out the trash file

Message of Mac Error Code 2600

There are many Solution of Mac Error Code 2600


Click to start the computer. Go to the finder to click open it. In the finder choose the application button and open. Go to the utilities tab and click ok. Go to the terminal tab and click to open it. In the terminal search box type chflags -R nouchg give the command. Double click on the trash icon then open it. Press control + A to mark all files. Press delete button to delete all trash files. Close the tab. Then you see that your trash files are empty now. Restart your computer.


First of all shut down your Mac computer.  Ready to press some keys in your keyboard control+ P+R . turn on your computer and give the command control+ P+R then you see the gray start up screen is shown. Release the all keys.  In this command reset your programmable random access memory of your Mac computer.


Click to start your Mac computer. In computer screen see finder and click to open it. After opening the finder in search box type BSOD setting and press enter button. Then open the BSOD setting and go to the general button and click on it then a task bar open in this tab click reset button and follow their command to access the system. After complete this process close finder. Reboot your Mac.

download-mackeeper-nowSize – 0.36MB


Click to start the Mac. Go to the finder and click to open. Then go to computer tab and click to open. Search Macintosh HD and open. Go to the system into the Macintosh HD. In this tab search library and click to open then in this bar go to the core service. Go to the application tab and click to open. Search network utility in this tab. Click to open network utility setting and see a ping button click to open. Then choose send only slide tab and fill 4 in this black bar and click the ping button to the right side. Click to finish. Reboot your Mac computer.